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Social Media for Lead Generation

Tuesday 10 January, 2017

If you run a small business, you’ll know that generating a steady stream of fresh leads is critical to business success. Whether you rely on the traditional method of print advertising, attend business networking meetings or have stepped up a notch and ventured into the world of social media marketing, generating the right kind of leads is a key contributor to the success of your sales pipeline.

In this blog I’m reaching out to business owners who already use social media to promote their business online.  If your business isn’t on social media, it really should be! But that’s another subject for another day!

So, what are the actions you can take to get maximum ROI on your social media accounts? Here are my top tips:

Who is Your Audience?

Your No.1 activity is to build your target audience list. There is little point in building contacts on social media unless you have a list. Ask yourself these questions: who do you want to talk to? Who is your perfect client? What type of business gives you the best returns?


Don’t just wait for people to follow your account – find them first! Using your target prospect list, use the search facility on Twitter to find your key contacts. Bear in mind that this does take some time, however it will produce results, providing you with a targeted following on Twitter rather than random people.


As with Twitter, don’t just wait for people to like your page, find them first! Use the search tool to find your prospect page and ‘like’ their page. Sharing their content and mentioning them in your posts will also generate interaction.


LinkedIn is a critical tool in social media lead generation and provides great results.  It isn’t necessary to have a Premium Account, generally you can find prospects just by checking your 1st connections. Again, using your target list, take a look at your 1st connections.  You’ll be surprised how many could be potential clients. If you want to take it a step further, take a look at your 2nd connections and connect with any of those people who match your prospect list.

What Is Your Message?

Now you have your target audience and they have connected with you on social media, decide what you want to say to them. Do you want to share your knowledge on a specific subject by sending them a blog? Are you looking for a meeting? Do you want to direct them to your website?

Follow the steps above and you will have a targeted strategy for generating fresh leads through your social media accounts.

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