How To Improve Your Online Visibility - Top 10 Tips

Saturday 28 October, 2017


  • Enhance your profile. Add an image, review your summary and work experience, add recommendations.
  • Create a LinkedIn company page and frequently post updates.

Email Signature

  • Make sure your email signature looks good. Add your social media icons and make it stand out!

Join Twitter

  • Create a Twitter account for your business and get in on the conversation. It’s a simple, but effective way to find your contacts.
  • Increase the volume of Tweets. It’s that simple, the more tweets, the bigger your following becomes.

Follow more people 

Increase your social media presence and look for businesses you want to connect with on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Spend some time each week doing this and you’ll be surprised at how quickly your network grows.


  • Create a Facebook business page.  Facebook isn’t just for social chat, look at your competitors and see what they’re doing on Facebook. 
  • Search the groups on Facebook and LinkedIn and join in on conversations where you can add value and guidance in your field.  

Don’t post any old content

  • Make it interesting, relevant and engaging. You don’t want your followers snoozing and skipping your posts!

Finally, write a blog!

  • Why not share your knowledge with your network, it’s easy once you get going and  remember you’re the expert!

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