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Do you need to make your social media content more interesting?

Thursday 19 January, 2017

Have you fallen into a bit of a routine with your social media content? Blog links, article links, infographic links, YouTube links, nearly half of all social media users can get slightly fed up at times. Many consumers have said they spend less time on Facebook, Twitter and other networking sites because of it.

Is your brand’s content getting boring, or predictable? We’ve compiled a few ideas that might help you engage your followers and might even help you gain a few more.

Polls – There is an extension where you can post a poll from your Facebook business page. Your followers can share their opinion with their friends with one click – not many people can resist this one.

 Fill in the blanks – This is a great way to start a conversation with your audience. Posting a status such as “This weekend I’m going to ____. Fill in the blank!” This gives you a chance to seem like a much more ‘human’ brand and show your customers you’re not just interested in selling to them.

How you work – Frequent posts about the daily life of an employee at your organisation can go a long way in having your customers view you as more than just a faceless company. Having a lunch-break pizza party? Upload photos! Ask what people’s favourite toppings are! And don’t forget your #hashtags.

Controversial Content – You have to be cautious with this one. But starting a healthy debate is a great way to get involved with your audience. For example posting, “So, who’s going to be voting? We have some indecisive employees in our office, would anyone like to offer their opinions?” Before the general election would have been a great way to engage many consumers.

Accomplishments – An employee just passed his driving test? Managing director just got married? Complimenting them on social media is another brilliant way to have a human element to your brand.

This or That – Apple or Android? Facebook or Twitter? Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter? These sort of fun posts can create a riot of comments, shares and likes! If enough people comment, why not create a poll to ‘settle the argument’.

Caption Contests – Everyone loves a good caption contest. Found a funny photo online? Or maybe just snapped an off guard photo of an employee? Post them on your social media page (If it was a photo of an employee, make sure to get their permission) and get your followers to caption it! Funniest answer gets a shout out on your page!

Social media content doesn’t always have to be brand-specific, it doesn’t always have to be about making sales. Having fun posts like these once in a while will keep your audience entertained and hopefully coming back for more!

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