Wednesday 2 August, 2017

 “Working with Moore Social Media has been an incredibly positive experience. There is always two- way dialogue which is rare when working with agencies. Our regular, diarised meetings mean that we have a progressive marketing strategy, rather than one which is stale or just stagnates.” Nicky Bryden, Business Development Director at CLPM Ltd.

Key Achievements

-    CLPM have saved time using MSM to manage their social media accounts.

-    Costs are reduced as there is less spent on direct marketing and Google Ads.

-    Cohesive and timely social media marketing strategy established which forms part of the overall marketing strategy.

-    Marketing Manager in-house can focus on her own areas of expertise whilst outsourcing the social media elements.

-    Social media is used to define CLPM as the ‘go-to’ experts in project management and self-build.

-    The social media activity is used to target specific geographical areas and professions within these areas, i.e. Architects.

The Client

CLPM Ltd specialises in providing cost and project management services for high-end property construction and renovation in London and the Home Counties. Cost Management, Project Delivery and Sustainability are amongst their fields of expertise.

The business has been in its current form for 3.5 years, following a merger of two pre-existing businesses: Charlie Laing and Clear Plan Project Management.

The company is based in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire and has 18 employees made up of Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Support staff.

The Challenge

We met Nicky Bryden at a local business networking group in South West Hertfordshire a few years ago. Nicky mentioned she was looking for some help with CLPM’s social media marketing for several reasons. The challenges Nicky faced were:

1.    The Marketing Manager at CLPM, although excellent in her work and very experienced, was unsure about the field of social media. She was keen to focus on her specific skill set and use an outside agency for their social media.

2.    Client demographics have changed. At present, CLPM’s key client demographic are people aged between 38-55. These people use Facebook as their main tool of communication. CLPM were keen to evolve with the times and join the world of social networking.

3.    The business works in specific geographical locations and with specific professionals such as Architects. They needed to use social media to make themselves visible in these areas.

Nicky chose us to manage CLPM’s social media accounts, as she felt that we very quickly grasped the subject matter and aspirations of CLPM – perhaps because we had previous experience in the Building sector. Another important factor for Nicky was that we were very clear in providing specific measurable data on a regular basis.

The Work

We provide a full social media account management service for CLPM. Initially, this involved a full review of the existing accounts.  We made improvements to their Twitter account and personal LinkedIn accounts of the Directors and following this we set up a Facebook page for the business.

Content is created on a weekly basis based on the services that CLPM provide, along with interesting and relevant national and local news following topics on self-build, construction, property, project management and sustainability.

CLPM are involved in several properties, construction and self-build shows nationally throughout the year such as Grand Designs, Build It Live and NSBRC. A key aspect of our work is to liaise with the marketing teams at these shows to advise them of CLPM’s marketing strategy and to ensure CLPM is featured on their own social media accounts in the build-up to, and during the shows.

This has worked well for the business; CLPM’s Tweets have been liked and re-tweeted by the shows which ensures maximum social media reach for the Company.

In addition to promoting the company’s presence at the shows, we also upload pictures throughout the shows to capture the ‘live’ feel.

An element of the service that has evolved during our time with CLPM has been podcasts. We have recorded several podcasts with key members of the team which have proved to be successful. One example was a recent podcast with the Sustainability Director, Tony Duffin, where we discussed Solar Panels. Not only do we post these podcasts online, but we use them as a basis for an expert blog which is posted on their website and shared on social media.

The Result

A key factor for Nicky is the amount of time saved by outsourcing their social media. Nicky relies on MSM to understand the business and possess the ability to make independent decisions which can be followed up by the Marketing team if required. 

Whether the content is construction focused, promotes the company’s presence at the national shows or has an element of ‘Friday fun’, it is always sourced independently by MSM with a full understanding of the likes and needs of the intended online audience.

CLPM’s busy trade show schedule means that the company must be fully active on social media throughout the year to reach other marketing-driven organisations such as Grand Designs. CLPM relies on MSM to collaborate with these organisations to ensure the maximum social media reach and promotion of the Company.

For more information on the services provided by CLPM Ltd, please see their website

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